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For franchise information please call 226-220-1819.

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Driving school School, Kitchener Waterloo Ontario - KW driving School School

Payment Methods

In person at the office: We accept Debit, Visa, Mater card, Checks and Cash.

By phone: Call the office at 226-220-1819 and give us your credit card info

On-line payment:

  1. Complete and submit the registration form, remember the amount shown on the total line.
  2. Logon via Internet to your bank (BMO CIBC RBC SB TD ) and look for Email Money Transfer or Interac Money Transfer. Once found, enter in the recipient's address and also enter the amount in step (a) above. You will be asked for a security question and you will be prompted for an 'Answer'.
  3. Send the 'Answer' to Sara’s KW Driving School Corp’s from contact page

Sara’s KW Driving School will automatically receive email notification of your payment. We will be able to process your payment as soon as we receive the 'Answer' from you. The transfer of money is instant.
A confirmation will be emailed to you using the email you entered on your registration form.
For more information about Interac Email Transfer

Iterac Email Money Transfer

An Interact Email Money Transfer is a bank-based transfer of funds that uses email for fast notification, while financial institutions transfer the funds using established and secure inter-bank settlement systems.

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