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(Sara's KW) Sara's Kitchener Waterloo Driving School Courses/Topics

(Sara's KW) Sara's Kitchener-Waterloo Driving School School’s Collision free approach to driving education emphasizes the most important mental, technical and physical skills needed for safe driving.

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(Sara's KW) Sara's Kitchener-Waterloo Driving School School Courses (same highlight)

In the classroom - 20 hours

1 Becoming a Safe and Responsible Driver

  • The Benefits of a Driver Education Course
  • Graduated licensing and demerit points system
  • Avoiding collisions, safe and responsible driving habits (introductory).

2 - 3 - 4 Traffic Laws: Creation and enforcement.

  • The Consequences of Braking Traffic Laws

5 Getting To Know Your Car before you drive

  • Operation Devices and Features
  • Control / Visibility / Communication/ Information
  • Protection Devices and Features (Safety, Comfort, Security)
  • Checks to Make Before Starting Your Car
  • Inside / Outside Checks and Adjustments
  • Planning For Everyday Driving
  • Time of Day / Route Planning

6 Natural Forces in Driving: Laws of Nature

  • Momentum / Traction

7 Maneuvering Your Car

  • Starting a Cold Engine in Cold Weather kw driving school
  • Starting a Flooded Engine
  • Moving an Automatic Transmission Car
  • Moving a Manual Transmission Car
  • Starting the Car on a Hill
  • Using Your Eyes while Driving Along
  • Steering Straight Ahead
  • Accelerating / Maintaining Speed / Slowing Down / Stopping
  • Changing Direction: Backing
  • Turning a Corner & Turning Around
  • Angle Parking
  • Perpendicular and Parallel Parking
  • Parking on a Hill

8 Driving Strategically:

  • Acquiring effective seeing habits
  • Maintaining space
  • Communicating effectively with other road users
  • Avoiding collisions

9 Driving in The City

  • Moving in and Out of Traffic
  • Entering Traffic / Changing Lanes / Leaving Lanes
  • Types of Intersections/ Turning at Intersections
  • Special City Driving Conditions
  • Vehicles and Special Areas

10 Driving on Highways and Country Roads

  • Avoiding collisions, safe and responsible driving habits (intermediary)
  • Highways and Country Roads
  • Highways Maneuvers / Passing/ Steering on Highway Curves
  • Driving onto the Shoulder
  • Conditions on Country Roads
  • Road Surfaces / Other Road Users/ Special Obstacles
  • Dangers of Rural Driving
  • Traffic Fatalities / Preventing Head-On-Collisions
  • Taking a Long Trip/ Preparing for the Journey

11 Driving On the Freeway (Expressways)

  • Characteristics of Freeways
  • Entering a Freeway
  • How to Handle Entrance Problems
  • Driving Along on a Freeway
  • Dangers associated with high-speed driving
  • Emergency maneuvers Avoiding head-on collisions
  • Emergency braking, swerving, and rear crash avoidance
  • How to pass safely
  • Strategic Driving / High-Speed Driving
  • Exiting From a Freeway
  • How to Handle Exit Problems

12 Driving at Night and In Bad Weather

kw dirving school kitchener
  • Headlights, night Driving Maneuvers
  • Survival tactics for driving at night
  • Rain and winter driving, and avoiding skids
  • Testing for Traction / Skidding
  • Adapting to Poor Driving Conditions
  • Hydroplaning / Driving through Deep Water
  • Driving In Fog / Driving in High Winds
  • Driving in Winter Weather
  • Reduced Traction/ How to get moving/ Driving Along
  • Driving on very Slippery Roads

13 Reducing Collisions & Injuries

  • Collision Avoidance / Making Quick Decisions
  • Collisions / Force of Impact / The Human Collision & Safety Belts
  • What to Do at the Scene of a Collision?

14 Impairments/Drinking and Driving

  • What Alcohol does to you?
  • Blood and Alcohol Concentration
  • Alcohol and the Law
  • How to Avoid Becoming Impaired
  • Dealing with Impaired Drivers
  • Other Physical Impairments
  • Other Drugs and Fatigue
  • Health Conditions & Distractions
  • Emotional Impairment
  • The Consequences of Traffic Accidents

15 Taking care of yourself and your vehicle

  • Basic preventative vehicle maintenance
  • Keeping eyes on: Tires and Battery
  • How to reduce fuel consumption and wear on your vehicle

16 Mechanical Failures when the car is moving

  • Survival tactics for loss of control
  • Survival tactics loss of power
  • Survival tactics loss of visibility

17 Emergency situations

  • Safe driving habits (advanced)
  • Common collision scenarios
  • Handling some common but dangerous situations
  • Dealing with emergency vehicles
  • What to do at the scene of a crash

18 Risk perception and Defensive driving techniques

  • Recognizing high-risk situations
  • Becoming proactive
  • The effect of attitude, expectations, and beliefs on driving
  • Vision and perception
  • Improving your seeing habits

19 Driving responsibly

  • Seat belts, air bags, head restraints and child restraints
  • Traffic psychology - attitude can save lives
  • The licensing process (points, probation, graduated licensing)

20 Preparing for your driving test — some hints from our expert instructors

21 Buying a vehicle

22 Auto insurance

23, 24 Review

25 Evaluation

In the car - 10 hours

During in-car lessons, students learn and practice:

  • Braking, steering, hand-over-hand, and backing exercises
  • Keeping the vehicle in control
  • How to drive smoothly

Right and left turns

  • Where to look
  • When and how much to brake
  • When to begin steering and how much to steer
  • When and how to recover

Collision avoidance techniques

  • How to keep the vehicle straight
  • How to respond to what is seen
  • How to establish and maintain a safe following distance
  • Where to look to predict potential collisions
  • How to enter intersections safely
  • Blind spot checks

Proactive driving habits

  • How to maintain an escape route in traffic
  • How to control traffic behind to eliminate the risk of a rear-end collision
  • When and how to use the S-approach
  • How to search for, spot, and solve hazards

Freeway/highway driving

  • How to enter and exit a freeway and/or highway
  • How to make proper lane changes
  • How to pass on secondary highways
  • Gravel shoulder recovery
  • Head-on collision avoidance

Emergency maneuvers

  • How to stop during brake failure
  • How to escape a rear-crash
  • Controlled swerving
  • Emergency braking (threshold and ABS)

Driving evaluations

  • Competency evaluation
  • Simulated road test

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